Find your way

Moving to a new destination


Moving to a foreign country with your family to support your partner's career ist often not an easy decision. Building a new social life, getting acquainted with the local culture while making sure your kids feel safe and happy, and finally settle in yourself can be a real challenge.


You may also be confronted with some other aspects of moving like:

  • Overwhelming feelings of loneliness (not to be confused with being homesick). Family and friends are far away, your partner might work long hours and you, unlike your partner, haven't got the comfort of work-related contacts
  • Insecurity since maybe you have given up your job at home and are now looking for a new role and perspective.

This can be sometimes more challenging than anticipated. When coping with these experiences turns into a burden for you, psychotherapy can be helpful. 

In my practice I work with a holistic approach and offer talk therapy, hypnoses and EMDR as well as spiritual healing. I combine my therapy-methods to find the best way to support you and help you find a new perspective.


Being a mother of three I have experienced both:

  • being of working mom
  • becoming a stay-at-home-mom in a foreign country